Healing Body, Mind, and Earth Through Natural Hair

Water can conform to its container, or it can gather in force as whelming as a wave. What will you choose? If the planet is to heal, we must restore harmony—which cannot exist without collaboration. Growing up, I was my mom’s Barbie doll. In Omaha, Nebraska, I won a contest for the most beautiful baby three years in a row. She donned me with layers of dresses: a thin slip under a white tutu trimmed with sky blue fluff that peeked out beneath a shiny pink polyester dress.

Two anti-racist scholars and writers take on the cultural limits of "objectivity"

As an early-career environmental journalist, I guessed that objectivity was the most important goal in the field. But as a poet finishing up an MFA at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, this kind of writing doesn’t come naturally to me. Poetry requires that I use the first-person pronoun a lot, and when I do, I often get frustrated because I want to tell a narrative that means something to the collective “we.” Journalism challenges my comfort zone and urges me to become a more versatile wr