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I am a poet, blerd, journalist, and sound artist living in St. Louis Missouri. My beats include environment, climate solutions, (pop) culture, and ecowomanism. I report at the intersections of Black and Indigenous communities. Catch me roller skating or collecting unique sounds in nature. 

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Landfill by Britny Cordera

This is where our wealth haunts the earth— bulldozers leveling back to dirt, frayed comforters, pieces of faces ripped from family photos, mancala marbles clanging at the bottom of a black bag with dull spoons & a steel urn Metal corrodes quick in this acidic environment, leaves behind gold leachate turning the land into venom. Like ichor it disenchants the wind, ashes yoked in an alloy vase. Even when we drove past this graveyard ice-capped on I-40, I smelled our bygon

Two anti-racist scholars and writers take on the cultural limits of "objectivity"

As an early-career environmental journalist, I guessed that objectivity was the most important goal in the field. But as a poet finishing up an MFA at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, this kind of writing doesn’t come naturally to me. Poetry requires that I use the first-person pronoun a lot, and when I do, I often get frustrated because I want to tell a narrative that means something to the collective “we.” Journalism challenges my comfort zone and urges me to become a more versatile wr